Frequently Asked Questions

This is strictly 2-mile radius, if you are out the area then a £10 fee will be applied. If your vehicle is not safe to drove back because of MOT failing or advisory the vehicle will not be returned until works completed or you are responsible to collect your vehicle.
A direct debit will be set up for £17.95 per month for a period of 12 months, after that you’re able to cancel or proceed with your plan for a further 12 month period.
Yes, the plan is transferrable to another car if need be. Contact us whenever this might occur so that we can make the necessary changes to your account.
No, please bear in mind that when your car requires any other filters/items, such as spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter and pollen filter, these will be charged extra if needed or recommended.
Technically, if your MOT has failed, it should not be driven, you should only drive to your home or to another place of repair. Driving the car away, is driving at your own risk. If the vehicle is very dangerous a disclaimer will be required to sign before vehicle is released. You have 10 working days to correct the items that have failed. If later then a whole full test and full price will be chargeable.
  1. Locking wheel nut key – at any visit
  2. Service book if booked in for service
You will be called to be advised what additional recommendation are advise and be estimated. Usually, we will discuss in priority order based on your usage of the car the recommendations that need to be addressed. All work will be discussed and authorised before commencing
Don’t worry, we will be sending you reminders for all the services we offer. We will send you SMS reminders to alert you when you bookings is due